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Welcome to Surado Campus

Who is Surado ?

Surado Campus of Business Management commenced as an Education and Training Institute in English and Business Management Studies. Our chairman having understood the demand for English introduced the Beginner's Certificate course in English Studies. Since then we have other innovative programs like the IELTS training program. Now, programs in Business management and Law have already been introduced.

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An IELTS score demonstrates your true ability to communicate in English across all four language skills. The whole test last less than 3 hours, and results issued in 13 days give you an internationally valid indicator of how good you really are! And tests are available at least twice a month!



We Surado are offering an unrivalled range of internationally recognized and industry-specific qualifications and services that equip people with skills that match the business strategies of tomorrow.



Surado Campus of Business Management has ventured into overseas placement of students in various countries in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Cyprus.